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Hardware Maintenance

We have professionals to repair motherboards, floppy drives, cdroms, deskjet/ laserjet/ dot matrix printers, color monitors, laptops of any brand at your door step.

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Can I find a better soundcard for my computer online?
An upgraded soundcard that you can find and purchase on the Internet will typically increase your sound quality and features enormously. The quality of the sound generated is much better on more sophisticated soundcards.

Could I get 3D sound with a better soundcard?
The more advanced soundcards usually have 3D sound emulation for 2 speaker systems and actual 3D sound for 4 or 5 speaker surround systems. There will be an extra speaker port on the sound card for the rear channel speakers.

Are there good deals on hard drives online?
You can greatly increase the file storage capacity of your computer by adding an additional hard drive. Just read the manual that came with your computer and its mother board to find the type of hard drive that is compatible with your machine.

What should I look for when shopping for a hard drive online?
Certainly price is an important factor, but first off determine what your speed and storage requirements are. How long did it take for your existing hard drive to fill up and how large is it? For not much more money you can get a significantly larger storage device.